Nest Partners with Yale to offer the Linus Smart Lock

Chances are your grandparents probably had a Yale lock in their home. But your grandparents have never seen a lock like their new Linus smart lock.

Yale, a lock company that has been around since the early 1800’s just announced they are working with Nest to release a sleek new smart lock with many new features.

This smart lock is battery operated and Yale touts that, due to the low power requirements, the four AA batteries will last well over a year.

Linus offers built in technology that monitors whether the lock is engaged or disengaged using an active magnetometer. In collaboration with Nest, Linus will then notify you via the Nest app upon any changes with the lock.

In addition, Linus will be able to communicate with other Nest products for a whole slew of automations, including activating the Nest Cam when the Linus lock is disengaged. This added layer of security is sure to offer a piece of mind to concerned homeowners.

Another unique feature of Linus is it’s ability to speak to you. That works particularly well when Linus is integrated with Nest Protect, for instance: then, your front door can warn you of a carbon monoxide leak within the house before you even open the door.

All of these interactions are communicated using a language (also known as a communication protocol) called Weave, a new technology just announced by Nest Labs.

Yale Linus is expected to arrive in 2016, which is when Nest Weave itself is scheduled to launch. No pricing has been confirmed at this stage.

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