New Security Update for the Nest Thermostat

When it comes to Smart Home technology, the number one concern is consumer safely. One small glitch in the system has the potential to lead to devastating consequence. Fortunately, home automation companies like Nest are doing all they keep to protect its customers.

Nest recently announced its release of a newest update to protect its users by providing an automated fail-safe switch to its Learning Thermostat. Now users are able to set safety temperatures to their thermostats, allowing for the home to never rise above or drop below a predetermined temperature. For those that live in areas that are prone to extreme temperatures, this can be a real lifesaver!

nest safety tempThe Nest App will also send an alert when the temperature in the home reaches this safety temperature, giving you the opportunity to address the problem before it becomes a major issue. This is a great added feature for Nest Thermostat users with a second home or vacation home, that may not have the opportunity to check on on a regular basis.

Once the temperature in your home adjusts to a safe point, the user will then receive a second notification informing them that the problem has been corrected.

These safety temperatures can be set in one of two ways.

On the Nest App:

  • Click on your desired thermostat to select it.
  • Press the menu icon (upper right hand gear icon).
  • Select Thermostat Settings.
  • Choose Equipment.
  • Select Safety Temperatures.
  • Drag the low and high Safety Temperature points to your desired setting.

On the Thermostat:

  • Press the display to reach the main menu.
  • Turn to settings (gear icon) and press the display again.
  • Turn to equipment and press to select.
  • Select Safety Temperatures.
  • Change the Heat to Safety Temperature by turning the ring.
  • Press the ring to confirm.
  • Follow the same steps to adjust the Cool to settings.

While this update may seem insignificant, these small added safety precautions are what makes Nest one of the leaders in home automation technology.

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