Ecovent works with Nest to Save you Money!

As much as we love our Nest Leaning Thermostat, we found that there’s one small feature that we wish we had access to. In today’s modern technology, why should homeowners have to waste energy heating or cooling their entire house, when they’re spending the majority of their time in just a couple rooms?Fortunately for us (and you), we can now have our cake and eat it too! This is all thanks to the Boston startup Ecovent and their collaboration with the Nest Thermostat. With Ecovent, you now have the ability to control the temperature of every room in your house individually. This means you no longer have to waste energy heating and cooling that stuffy formal living room that you never use anyway!wallVentThe ecovent system consists of three pieces of hardware: a battery powered vent that replaces your old vent, a replacement electrical outlet that acts as a temperature sensor, and a smart hub, which acts as the brain to communicate with your smart home. Collectively, these three items talk to each other, as well as the Nest Thermostat, to create a comfortable home, wherever you choose.So what makes this system different from all of the other smart home HVAC systems that are available in today’s market? With the addition of the smart vent, Ecovent will automatically open and close in order to send just the right amount of hot or cold air into the rooms that need it, while closing the vents of the rooms that don’t.In addition to the vents, the smart sensors that are plugged into your electrical outlet help to provide the systems with the most accurate, up to date temperature and humidity in the room, giving you the exact temperature and level of comfort that you’re looking for.Since Ecovent works in conjunction with the Nest Thermostat, we can now have all of the benefits that we’ve grown to love from Nest combined with the pinpoint accuracy and control that Ecovent brings to the table.Ecovent’s state of the art technology is set to be released soon and is already taking early reservations for 30% off on their website. But act quick! In September, Ecovent jumps up to full price $700 for the complete system!logo_horizonal_color_dark1-300x55

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