Nest Thermostat works with ADT

59536_90825Many of today’s homeowners are familiar with the security provider ADT. Some of you may perceive ADT’s systems to be an outdated technology that can’t compete with current options. ADT is aware of that reputation and is making great strides to prove it’s innovative technology through its release of the ADT Pulse.
Part of this effort to keep up with current technology can be seen in it’s collaboration with the Nest Learning Thermostat. With ADT Pulse’s new iOS and Android app, users can now not only control their security system, they can also control their Nest Thermostat, allowing for a seamless smart home experience!

This is all part of Nest’s bigger plan of integrating it’s gadgets into many of today’s home automation technologies. But wait, it gets better!

ADT also announced that it will offer free Nest Thermostats to customers located in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, and Miami when they sign up for certain ADT Pulse service plans. Partner this with the energy savings that comes with the Nest Thermostat, and this rollout appears to be a win-win for the Smart Home users.

In addition to the Nest partnership, it has been rumored that the new ADT Pulse system will offer an “always on” feature that allows the use to get a live snapshot of the activity taking place in their home. Another added feature will be support of voice commands, allowing for improved functionality.

The partnership between ADT Pulse and Nest Learning Thermostat is expected to roll out at the end of 2015 and will be one of many upgrades that ADT plans to offer.

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