Was the New Nest Cam was Worth the Wait?

For many of us, installing cameras around your home is more about protecting your home from home intrusion and less about spying on your family members. But why not have both? Nest Cam will give you an opportunity to keep an eye on your home, and also allow you keep a watchful eye on the shenanigans that your little ones are getting into!

Nest’s new redesign of the Nest Cam is proving to be quite the show stopper. It is a 4 ½ inch tall eyeball on a pedestal that connects to Wi-Fi, allowing you to view the activities in your home from anywhere in the world. Can ADT Security Systems do that? Sure they can but will it cost you only $199, like the Nest Cam? Not likely!

This DIY-style security camera is motion activated and sends push notifications to your smartphone upon activation. This gives you real-time video of everything going on in your home, from anywhere in the world.

Nest touts a 130 degree viewing capacity, allowing you to see virtually the entire room of your choice. It also offers zooming capabilities and night vision that relies on high powered infrared LED lighting. While many other cameras offer these features, Nest Cam’s super high clarity separates it from the rest.


With the built-in microphone and speaker, you now have the ability to communicate with the person (or pet) on the other side of the camera. This can come in handy when you receive notification that Fido is digging through the trash again!

One of the greatest benefits of Nest Cam is it’s ease of setup. Nest brags that this security camera only takes 60 seconds to set up. To our surprise, this was pretty much true!

To set up the Nest Cam, all you need to do is plug in your Nest Cam, setup wi-fi access, download the Nest app, and set the location. From there you can start monitoring the activity of your home.

As it stands, Nest Cam is in a market with quite a few other DIY security cameras (Piper, D-Link, Simplicam, Foscam, Belkin, Swann and Y-Cam to name a few) but its clear that, based on it’s ease of setup, functionality, and supreme quality, it is the go to camera in the market.

In addition to its out-of-the-box features, Nest also offers a subscription service (for a small fee) that allows you maintain a detailed video history of 10 days or 30 days, depending on your preference. While we didn’t opt for this, it is an added benefit that may work for some.

Nest cam subscription Price

When compared to it’s competitors, we love our newly updated Nest Cam because if its wide viewing capabilities, high quality imaging and audio capabilities, and we’re sure that you will too!

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